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Business Consumer Alliance is your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about a business before engaging with them. We rate all types of businesses based on a variety of factors such as complaints, industry trends, competency licensing, etc. We also offer a platform for customers of those businesses to post reviews based on their experience.

  • Get a ReportGet a ReportCheck out what we have to say about a company before doing business with them. Our comprehensive reports will tell you if the business has a good track record and if they have any complaints.
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Greenlight Loans

After a five month fiasco trying to refinance last year with Bank of America in preparation for my upcoming retirement in July, 2013, I figured it would be months, if not years before I was able to refinance. Out of the blue in early March, 2014, I ... Read More »
J Bros Construction

Bernardo and his crew are good, responsible people. They are fair, trustworthy and have completed numerous jobs for me around my home. Bernardo and his crew have repaired my ceiling that suffered water damage, repaired my bannisters, painting, wood f... Read More »
Greenlight Loans

Kuddos to Ron Trejo & Emily Le! I want to start off with a HUGE Thank you to Ron Trejo - Ron not only was friendly, personable, professional and positive; but he was upfront and honest from the start; No cow-tailing around the pasture. My first co... Read More »
J Bros Construction

J Bros Construction did an amazing job remodeling my bathroom.The finished work is spectacular. Bernardo completed the work on time and well within budget. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had and made sure I knew what wa... Read More »
J Bros Construction

I interviewed 5 different contractors and immediately knew that Bernardo Alvarez from J Bros Construction was the company to go with. I just recently purchased a home that needed some renovating, and Bernardo Alvarez immediately made me feel at ease.... Read More »

Happy People

Mediation #98764075

The intervention/follow up by Business Consumer Alliance expedited not only the communication part of my concerns with the company I did business with, but also the delivery of the items in question. I have now received the products I had been waiting for, along with follow up communications from the company. I hope the service BCA provided will assist the company to change the way they communicate with their customers and any future customers.

William M.
Li... Read More »

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